We provide Long day childcare for children aged from 6 weeks to 6 years of age.  A kinder program for 3 & 4 year old children

The Educational and Recreational Program at Kiddy Palace Learning Centre  focuses on the statement that ‘play’ is essential for children to learn

We  believe that through activities that involve ‘play’ our children will develop the skills to become self-confident, self-motivated and self- disciplined.

Children experience the best learning when they choose what they want to do.

Kiddy Palace Learning Centre will provide programs that will encourage the children’s personal and social development, their gross motor and physical development, their cognitive and memory skills, their fine motor and coordination skills, creative and imaginative skills, language and intellectual development.

The curriculum will ensure to reflect the interests, individuality and the developmental needs of all each child in the centre

Each child will have the opportunity to grow at their own pace and develop a respect for others in an understanding and equal environment. The goal of each classroom is to enhance and encourage children into what is known as  ‘high level thinking’. This will involve the children being exposed to a variety of media and expressive materials. The children will be free to choose, explore, observe, create and learn in a literacy rich environment.

We will ensure to respect each child’s cultural background and values by including a multicultural and non bias curriculum, which will present all children with a wide variety of learning experiences.

With an inquiry-based curriculum, all the children will be exposed to a variety of learning experiences:

  •        Reading and writing activities
  •        Cooking experiences
  •        Dramatic play, music, dancing and singing
  •        Drawing and painting, art and craft
  •        Gross motor and outdoor play
  •        Building and construction activities
  •        Gardening (we will attempt to grow our own veggies in our own garden)
  •        Water & sand’play’ activities

Your child will be catered for in everyway at our centre. We will look after him/ her as if they were our own. We supply all meals and snacks for the child, clean drinking water, and nappies and wipes.